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Super Seconds Festival Shout Out - Vicki Shortt

Super Seconds Festival by Ink and Bear 1st & 2nd April 2023 Shout Out featuring Vicki Shortt

Art and indie biz lovers have you noticed recently a familiar and powerful tingling sensation, don't worry it's not the heat, it's just your bargain hunter senses picking up that there's another Super Seconds Festival event on the horizon! That's right the crafty bargain extravaganza organised by the fabulous Sophie of Ink & Bear and The Creative Incubator is back on the 7th and 8th October, mark those calendars folks! With 250 amazing makers taking part there'll be plenty of loveliness to explore!

In the lead up to the last Super Seconds I created a little series of blogs to shout out about some of my fellow makers taking part and as I had so much fun getting to know more about them I thought I'd bring it back again. So snuggle down for a quick creative breather and lets find out more about the stunning vibrant pieces created by the talented Vicki Shortt....

Vicki aka Vicki Shortt Art, a smiling white woman with pulled back warm blond hair. She's standing in front of a shop display which has lots of shelves filled with handmade jewellery, art and glassware. She's wearing a pair of brown cord trousers, a black zip jacket with red plaid lining and a t-shirt with a star shape on it. She's holding a piece of her beautiful work showing a landscape image of the seven sisters in Somerset.

Vicki has been working full time as an artist for about two years now, specialising in turning her original abstract paintings into digital designs. "I launched a collection of digital landmarks and landscapes at Easter and my feet haven’t touched the ground (in a good way!). In a much earlier life, I was self-employed and ran a small gifts and home accessories business in Yorkshire, as well as selling my own work at fairs." Through a myriad of careers – latterly several years in education marketing – she has finally (re)found her creative calling!

A bright vibrant print of Grimsby Dock Tower created from Vicki Shortts original paintings. The Tower is made up of hot vibrant pink and swirls of purple, it is sent against a misty slightly imprssionist backgroun of light mottled purples and blues.

What is your earliest creative memory?

Ooh, that’s a hard one. I always loved to draw, and my mum was really encouraging from the start. I think my earliest memory that involves my love of details has to be when I was at infant school. We were tasked drawing a princess in a pretty gown in the run up to the wedding of Lady Di and Prince Charles.

I can remember I drew this incredibly detailed dress (I can still picture it now) and the teacher was astonished at how much intricate pattern it’d included. It’s a clear memory and one that reminds of my earliest love of drawing and of fussing over the fine details!

A gloriously vibrant and patterend abstract scarf by Vicki Shortt using hot pinks, warm purples and yellows and deep blues. The scarf is wrapped loosley around the neck of a flowery turquoise mannequin.

What fires your imagination?

It has to be nature – colour and foliage in particular. I think I definitely see the world through an artist’s eyes – the colour, pattern, shape, tone, and texture of everyday life is something I want to reimagine, represent and explore further in my work.

Holidays and travel always feature in my subjects and with a love of history and geography, I aim to incorporate an essence of a place every time I sit down to design my next piece.

A series of plump cusions on a leather sofa. Three of which are created from Vicki Shortt paintings of flowers that are a energetic loose painterly style in vibrant pinks, purples and yellows against a dark navy blue background.

What Super Seconds deals should we look out for from you?

This is my first time as a maker and I’m really excited to be taking part. I’ve been a massive supporter as a customer, connecting with artists and makers from many different creative genres at past events.

As well as 20% off my main collection of landscape and landmark prints, I will have huge discounts on sample prints, seconds, and also my older print designs and home textiles (including vibrant velvet cushion covers, neck scarves and tea towels).

I need to make some space and have so many really lovely items that I’d love to send out to new homes!

A series of three small circular abstract lanscape prints by Vicki Shortt.

Collection of Britisah made tea towels by Vicki Shortt. Using her bold paintings of  flowers Vicki has created diffrent teatowels the one of the left is white with a star in the middle maade from her painting and has a bright pink stripe along the top and black stripe on the bottom. The middle tea towel is a black and white stripe with a circle in the middle that shows her original flower artwork.

I'm so pleased that Vicki found her creative voice again, and what a thoroughly joyful one it is too! I love the energy her work has and the beautiful vibrant pops of colour really sing out. I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of you lovely art lovers and bargain hunters out there who will more than happily give some of her beautiful work a new home! Don't forget folks on the 7th and 8th of October Super Seconds Festival is where all the fun will be happening!

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