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Super Seconds Festival Shout Out -The Dorothy Days

Super Seconds Festival by Ink and Bear 1st & 2nd April 2023 Shout Out featuring Dorothy Days

With the seasons shifting to the cooler temperatures and the rich, bold colours of autumn making themselves known Super Seconds Festival is a lovely joyful way of brightening your days after the nights draw in this October. There'll be 250 incredible makers standing by to show their beautiful wares at bargain prices and give you a great and most importantly affordable head start on all that festive shopping!

So off we shall now pop to pay a virtual visit with another of those fantastic makers who will be taking part, say a big enthusiastic hello to the lovely The Dorothy Days ....

Jamie and Rachel aka The Dorothy Days. Standing in a lush green open field with what like a pair of alpaca standing behing them in the distance are a white man and woman both with lovely friendly grins on their faces. They are both bundled up in warm clothing the man on the lft is wearing a fllece line dark brown leather jacket with a large collar and a pair of jeans. He has medium short brown hair, is wearing a light grey knitted hat, round brown framed glasses and has a camera on a strap across him. The woman to him on the right has long light brown hair worn loose and is wearing a black knitted hat. She is also weainf a black jacket and dark blue pair of jeans. On her front in a baby carrier complete with little dangly baby legs and arms just visible. To the left and right of them are a pair of black and white border collies.

The Dorothy Days is a colourful, modern knitwear company founded by Rachel and Jamie and based in Cornwall. Jamie works in television all around the world and often in harsh conditions. "Our knitwear came as a result of Jamie wanting a hat which would be suitable when he was filming. He wanted it to be practical and also stylish, suitable in different weather conditions and long lasting. So we created our range of knitwear for The Dorothy Days"

Knitting with 100% wool - Merino and Shetland, The Dorothy Days create knitted hats and knitwear inspired by the colours of nature and ready for your next adventure.

In a forest setting a white hand is holding of bright, colourful knitted hats. From top to bottom there is a multicoloured one in purples, greens and blues, a hot pink one with a cream band at the bottom, a black one, a mustard yellow one with minty green bottom and a striped one in orange navy and cream.

What is your earliest creative memory?

Earliest creative memory was with my Mum. She always really encouraged us to be creative and to enjoy it as something fun to do. We spent our childhood with big sheets of brown paper making drawings and paintings. For Jamie, it was at pre-school where he enjoyed creating pictures and paintings. 

What fires your imagination?

Nature hugely inspires us and fires our imagination. We are really inspired by the colours of nature which is why we have such a huge range of colours. We have everything from burnt orange for the autumn leaves to pastel yellow for the spring flowers. Creative ideas often come to us at the strangest times and we have a notepad where we jot down ideas. It is often on long walks where we have time to think it through and then make that idea become a reality. 

A series of bright orange knitted pumpkins going up in size from left to right. They have light green knitted stalks on the top and are against painted white wood panels and standing on a rich dark wood surface.

What Super Seconds deals should we look out for from you?

We have lots of Super Seconds Festival deals coming up - we will be selling our samples, colour combination experiments and seconds too. We will have lots of knitted hats from newborn to adult at 50% off and we will also be launching some of our new knitwear too which will also be at bargain prices so watch out for headwarmers and scarves!

A white hand is holding a large knitted christmas stocking in bright red with cream band at the top and a red loop to hang it with. The stocking is held in front of a Christmas tree festooned in decorations in gold and red.

As the cooler weather of autumn and winter starts to make itself known Super Seconds Festival is the perfect time to stock up on some of The Dorothy Days joyfully colourful and cosy knits! So make sure to check out all their amazing offers on the 7th and 8th October during Super Seconds Festival!


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