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Super Seconds Festival Shout Out - Original Design Earrings

Super Seconds Festival by Ink and Bear 1st & 2nd April 2023 Shout Out featuring Original Design Earrings

I hope all you lovely crafty bargain hunters have been limbering up, because before you know it Super Seconds Festival will be here! With 250 makers to dive into in search of handmade treasure, planning ahead is definitely key. I hope these blogs featuring just a few of the amazing folk taking part are giving you a small helping hand.

For our next maker adventure we're going down below the ocean waves and paying a visit to the wonderful world of sea glass with Original Design Earrings....

Lucy aka Lucy Young Ceramics, a smiling white woman with pulled back brown hair. She's sitting behind a potters wheel finishing off a large ceramic pot on the wheel. She's wearing a light red jumper with a clay splattered apron and a pair of sleek oblong shape glasses.

Original Design Earrings was created by Aparna, the hands and heart behind this beautifully bohemian handmade jewellery brand. Her 'hippie' style pieces are created using gorgeous natural materials like sea glass which has a unique shape and colour that she likes to enhance using wire wrapping techniques.

A ceramic stoneware teapot with a tall cylindrical body and dipped in a shiny mottle light blue green glaze with raw fired clay strip around the base. It has a woven wrapped wood handle.

What is your earliest creative memory?

Breaking my least favourite pearl necklace to create a funky necklace which was loved by my friends.

Four ceramic stoneware mugs of various shapes and sizes, they have a graceful curved bodies that rise into a smaller slightly fluted rim. They are glazed in a asymettrical glaze pattern using a speckled cream grey glaze at the top, a warm rich browny red glaze at the bottom and the raw fired clay in the middle.

What fires your imagination?

I work with sea glass to make jewellery by wire wrapping it. The unique shape and colour of each and every piece of sea glass means an opportunity to design it differently with the wire. That's what fires my creativity!

A ceramic stoneware wide rimmed bowl glazed on a warm orange glaze which has an almost watercolour paint wash effect. Two more bowls of the same style and glaze can be seen stacked up behind.

What Super Seconds deals should we look out for from you?

I will be offering a huge discount on many new design samples, some unusual pieces of sea glass jewellery and some jewellery pieces that were made about 6 months back.

A ceramic stoneware teapot with a tall cylindrical body and dipped in a shiny mottle speckled cream glaze with raw fired clay strip around the base. It has a woven wrapped bamboo handle.

The ability to breath new life into found objects like sea glass is wonderful and Aparna definitely knows how to create some truly elegant pieces that let the sea glass really shine. So if your inner mermaid is feeling the call of the sea, looking at these lovely pieces, make sure to pop over to Original Design Earrings on the 7th and 8th October during Super Seconds Festival!

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