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Super Seconds Festival Shout Out -Hatchling Makes

Super Seconds Festival by Ink and Bear 1st & 2nd April 2023 Shout Out featuring Hatchling Makes

Blimey crikey it's now just 2 weeks until Super Seconds Festival , I'm hoping by now I've nattered about it long enough that you all know just how awesome it is, but in case you were running late here's a recap. There'll be 250 incredible makers selling their beautiful seconds, misprints and end of line items at bargain prices, we're talking up to 70% off here folks. One thing to note is that us makers are really quite a perfectionist bunch so in a lot of cases the 'flaws' that we have decided makes something a second may well be so small you'll be hard pushed to find it! Created and organised by the fabulous Sophie from Ink & Bear and The Creative Incubator Super Seconds Festival is a joyful shopping event you don't want to miss out on.

Without futher ado it's my honour to introduce you to the lovely Hatchling Makes purveyor of wonderfully wild wares that give back, a % of sales going towards wildlife charities.

Tash aka Hatchling Makes. Standing in front of a lush green hedge is Tash, her brown hair a wavy bob, she has a friendly smile and is wearing rounded oblong framed glasses and a black t-shirt. She's holding up her ipad which shows an illustration of an Okapi on it.

Hatchling makes is the brain child of Tash, a self taught wildlife illustrator living in London, UK. She loves most animals but has a soft spot for anything endangered and a bit more unusual than your average tigers or elephants (though she does love them too!).

An enamel pin of Dodd's azure butterfly in front of dark green foliage. The butterfly is a bright turquoise with black body and edges on the wings. The tip of the top wings have a small orange  marking. The pin ion a yellow and pink surface in front of cork material with succulent leaves appearing at the edges of the image.

What is your earliest creative memory?

When I was a kid we had a craft book at home with loads of things that you could make out of everyday household objects. I remember making pinatas, my mother making witches hats from it for Halloween and making a Christmas nativity scene from cardboard! I definitely remember there was an activity to make a carousel from toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners that I really wanted to make but my mama always said it was too complex to do! 

A pile of three washitapes. They show a bold simple illustration of bees and leaves against a light blue background.

What fires your imagination?

Wildlife documentaries and trips to the zoo! A lot of my work I try to focus on lesser known endangered animals and I love watching anything that includes a slightly more under appreciated animal. Recently at the zoo I overheard a person tell a child that an okapi was a zebra and that's really made me want to create more okapi products because the more that these animals are put into the spotlight then the more effort is put into their conservation. In turn the more wildlife documentaries are made about them for the general public to watch and hopefully learn from!

An enamel pin of a brown moon bear peeping out of some lush green foliage. The pin is against a light pink knitted hat on a yellow surface with succulent leaves appearing at the edges of the image.

What Super Seconds deals should we look out for from you?

I'll have seconds enamel pins, washi tape and patches available! Everything is 50% off my standard price and I don't usually have them available in my shop so especially for pin collectors this is a great way to add to your pin collections without breaking the bank! 

A pile of three washi tapes stacked on each other they each show a bold simple illustration of a whale shark against a light mint green background with semi circle white accent shapes.

The bright, colourful wildlife that Tash celebrates is sure to bring a smile to any nature lovers face (which I'm hoping is all of you, nature is pretty awesome!). Pins, patches and washi tape make fab stocking stuffers and secret Santa gifts so make sure to check out all their amazing offers at Super Seconds Festival on the 7th and 8th October!


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