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Folksy Friday - Seaside Splendour sea themed gift guide

A photo montage of sea themed items from Folksy. Clockwise from top left a white ceramic toothbrush holder and dish with sea mussel design, a collection of sterling silver earrings ring and necklace with blue enamel and silver bubble details, hooray for wildlife pin badge with a crab, Cetus the whale wooden decoration in dark blue and with stars cut out, turquoise sea glass threader earrings and a tote bag covered in black line drawings of different shells.
A beautiful array of sea themed items by makers on Folksy (clockwise from top left) Michele Willshaw Print, Michelle Leaver Jewellery, Sally and the Freckles, Bear Print Design, By The Sea Designs and Aimee Mac Illustration.

We sail the ocean blue.....I'm all about the wonders of the big blue for today's 'Folksy Friday' lots of lovely sea themed goodies to delight in. I'm very lucky to live by the sea, although don't go to sea anywhere near enough! As always there's heaps of wonderful nautical makes to be found but I've tried to go for a nice even spread of home decor and jewellery so there's something for everyone. So here be those links me hearties!

Ceramic Mussel Design Toothbrush Holder by Michele Willshaw Print (I love the inky washes to create this lovely mussel design)

Coastline Jewellery Collection by Michelle Leaver Jewellery (Beautifully delicate and vibrant jewellery for any sea lover!)

Hooray for Wildlife Pin Badge by Sally and the Freckles (Hooray indeed this little crab is very cute!)

Cetus the Whale Celestial Creature Wooden Decoration by Bear Print Design (Stunning design and I love the cut out star shape details and bells)

Turquoise Sea Glass Threader Earrings by By The Sea Designs (The colour is glorious in these earrings and sea glass is incredible)

Beachcomber Sea Shell Tote Bag by Aimee Mac Illustration (The energy in the lines for all these shells are fantastic, makes for a really dynamic tote!)

I love looking through all the amazing creations of other creatives so if you're on the lookout for specific gifts or there's something you'd like to treat yourself or your home to and want to shop indie but feel overwhelmed let me see what I can find on Folksy for you! Just hit the button below to suggest your themes folks...

P.S- If you fancy a look around my own folksy store where there be pigeons and silhouettes galore just click here!


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