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Folksy Friday - Powerful Prints

Some ink, a roller or squeegee and a bit of imagination and look what wonders can be created! One thing that I respect and marvel at with printmakers is their incredible ability to think in a kind of reverse, blocking or carving out an area to create line and shape rather than what I'm so used which is adding the line with a pen or bit of embroidery thread. I've had a go at printmaking for fun over the years and it always feels like a real mind bender to figure out where to start, so all the hats are very much doffed to all the amazing printmakers out their who do such a beautiful job! As you can seen I've found a few stellar example from Folksy above and here are the links to check out more of their work....

Stargazey Skies - Capricorn Zodiac Birthday Card by Elly Rowbotham Printmaker (Bold and beautiful can be used to describe all of her stunning work!)

"King of the Castle" screen print by John Bloor Printmaker (I love the sense of humour in this piece and the crisp flowing lines.)

Limited edition Anemone linoprint by Cally Conway Prints (The movement in the petals in stunning.)

Swallows lino cut print by Striped Pebble (Another piece with exquisite movement and elegant flowing lines.)

Hedge - Lino cut print by Melanie Wickham Lino Prints (I love how packed with interest this piece is every time you look at it you see some new wonderful detail.)

Wildflower Field Lino cut print by Handprinted by A. Deegan (A really joyful use of colour that makes me smile and celebrates nature beautifully.)

There's lots more fab printmakers on Folksy so do have a bit of explore for yourself and if you want to you can take a peek around my shop. If you'd like to make a suggestion for where I should focus for my next Folksy Fridays or you'd maybe like a bit of an assist with Folksy shopping you can join my mailing list here and reply to my welcome e-mail with your suggestions or requests.


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