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Folksy Friday - Magic Makes

There's magic in the air with this weeks 'Folksy Friday', the world could always do with a little magic! So if you love all things unicorn, mermaid, fairies and other fantastical folk then look no further, I've put together a lovely selection of makes to get you started. There's definitely a good dose of fairy dust to be found at Folksy so it's definitely worth an explore! You may notice I've sneaked one of my own pieces this week, but I'm not sure my pigeon friend Fred would forgive me if I didn't include the mast magical of mash-ups pigeon and unicorn!

Mermaid Greetings Card by Suzanne Hooson Embroidery (Look at those lovely locks and sparkly tail)

"Rosa" Flower Fairy Decoration by Reviva Designs (A rather spectacular flower fairy who has a wonderful sense of style.)

Magical Stories Silhouette Candle Holder by Laura Smillie Ceramics (I do love a silhouette and I love the fact that the flying woman only appears after the candle is lit!)

Fairytale Cloud Cushion by The Sherbert Patch (This beautiful cushion would make an extra magical touch to any sofa!)

Pigeon Unicorn Necklace by Loadofolbobbins (Like I say Fred would have been very disappointed if I didn't share this!)

Unicorn Brooch by The Owl and the Pussycat (Lovely bold colours with an extra special gold sparkle)

If you're enjoying my weekly themed Folksy adventures and would love to pick my next theme please get in touch. Maybe you're on the look out for specific gifts or there's something you'd like to treat yourself or your home to and want to shop indie but feel overwhelmed. Let me see what I can find on Folksy for you, think of me like your very own Folksy personal shopper!

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