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Winning Streak pt 3

No your eyes are not deceiving you I did indeed win, believe me nobody’s more surprised than me. Like all good prize givings the announcements were in the classic reverse order and by the time it came to announcing the winner I was happily daydreaming to myself about nothing in particular. Now this is where I’d like to be able to tell you that I was a most graceful winner that handled the situation with great aplomb, this however was not the case. As soon as my name floated from the announcers lips into my ears my jaw seemed to have managed to detach itself from the rest of my face and hit the floor in the most undignified of manners. In my defence my only acting experience to date is playing a cockney bartender in a school production of My Fair Lady, not really skills I could utilise in this situation, the immortal line “Come on Doolittle out you go I ain’t running no charity bazaar” isn’t the easiest to adapt. I can find some comfort in the fact that my sister was in a similar situation with her jaw, maybe it’s an inherited condition?! So there I was making my way up to get my certificate edging ever closer to a case of full blown hysteria, it was then the inimitable words “I’m so suprised” found themselves tumbling out of my mouth, I know truly inspirational stuff! Thus my facial muscles began their adventurous work out.

Posing for photographs is not an experience I find myself relishing, especially when my ability to control my facial muscles is being brought in to question, a roomful of eyes watching me doesn’t help much either. But I choose to bob along happily on the river denial when remembering this particular part of the proceedings. If you’re under the impression that it was at this point in the evening that I could relax and try take it all in, I’m going to have to set you straight. I found myself being further surprised when I was told by the gallery that they had been in contact with my local paper and they wanted to do a feature on me (my facial muscles silently wept at the very thought of this). Not long after this another exciting and surprising piece of news found its way over to me, someone had bought my piece and wanted to meet and have a picture take with me. I was more than happy to oblige, the idea of someone wanting to buy a piece of my work is still something I find quite thrilling. I’m happy to say he was a lovely guy too, my sister and I had a lovely long chat with him. What was particularly pleasing was that he worked for Network Rail and would be hanging it in his office, I don’t think I could get a better a compliment! Now to the business end of this entry, the prize, and boy what a prize! Here goes: - A big version of my work is going to be on display in the new south entrance of Blackfriars station in perpetuity (starting Olympics year no less!) - A copy of my work will be buried in a time capsule to celebrate the opening of the new entrance. - £1000 worth of art materials from GreatArt and a £500 voucher (that’s right folks I will never have to buy art materials again!) - Lets not forget my lovely certificate, frequent glances at this have confirmed to me that I have indeed not dreamt all of this!


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