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Super Seconds Festival Shout Out - Carny Valley

Super Seconds Festival by Ink and Bear 1st & 2nd April 2023 Shout Out featuring Carny Valley

It's just a little over a week until the creative extravaganza that is Super Seconds Festival on 1st & 2nd April!!! I can genuinely not shout out enough about the incredible array of 250 super talented makers who will be offering some incredible discounts for you canny shoppers out there. Now if you want to be a super canny shopper the best way to do this is head on over to the Maker Lineup and create a wishlist of your faves, so on the big day you can tick them off one by one. In this small blog series I'm highlighting a fraction of the amazing makers you get to choose from and today it's the turn of Carny Valley ®, whose fab wet weather capes are sure to put a spring in your step, even on the greyest of days!

Cat founder of Carny Valley, a smiling white woman, at their stall next to a rail of bright pastel coloured rain capes. They're wearing a coat with a pastel rainbow coloured fluffy edged hood and holding a flask lid full of warm tea.

Cat is the founder of Carny Valley ® - a small and sustainable UK based company selling unique waxed cotton rain capes. After 25 years of festivals designed a new kind of raincoat that is fun, stylish and kind to the planet, so no matter what the weather has in store for you, you can be less drab and more fab!

Standing in a open green field with fluffy cloud filled blue sky is a black woman wearing a beautiful pastel pink two tiered rain coat, she has bright festival make up swirling round her eyes.

What is your earliest creative memory?

I don’t know about you but as a kid, I remember creating ‘shows’ for my parents with my friend from next door.. including backdrops, props and costume changes. Since being a parent and being on the receiving end of those poorly planned, tangential and seemingly endless performances, I appreciate the smiles and claps we got all the more. My

Mum didn’t even drink...

Standing in a lush green field under a tree branch is a smiling woman with thick curly hair wearing a black two tiered rain cape and bright glittery make up in orange and gold around her eyes.

What fires your imagination?

I BLOOMIN love festivals- I go to quite a few each year and perform as Kitty Shark-Ra with Power Ballad Yoga... festivals for me are my happy place. A place where creativity is the norm and you can feel truly free.. the more random the better. I’ve been a festival goer for years and this is what inspired my rain capes - I love fun outfits and I got fed up with putting a drab raincoat on over the top. So, I designed fun but functional rain capes that both keep you dry and show off your outfit, and have a hands free carry system for dance tent ease!

Two women are laughing and relaxing sitting on som elush green grass, both are wearing pastel purple rain capes and have bright colourful festival make up on.

What Super Seconds deals should we look out for from you?

I’ll have a selection of heavily reduced seconds, some cheeky end of line discounts and a 10% discount on full price rain capes!

Two women are laughing standing together outside of an old gothic building, the woman on the left has braided hair and is wearing a camo print raint cape. The woman on the right is wearing a bright red rain cape with the hood up.

I don't know about you but Carny Valley's gorgeous rain capes actually might make me start looking forward to the next grey rainy day! I love it when original creative people look at what to most people will be a downer and go 'how can I make this more joyful and beautiful' and Cat has done this in spades! So head on over to their shop to scope out which rain cape you might ear mark for one of your Super Seconds Festival finds!


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