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Super Seconds Festival Shout Out - Abi Stevens Art

Super Seconds Festival by Ink and Bear 1st & 2nd April 2023 Shout Out featuring Abi Stevens Art

Excitement for Super Seconds Festival is now reaching fever pitch with just two days to go before the big event on Sat 1st & Sun 2nd April!!! 250 incredible makers are busy beavering away behind the scenes getting everything ready for a fun and fabulous weekend of bargain hunting. Remember to head on over to the Maker Lineup before it all kicks off and create a wishlist of your faves, so on the big day you can shop like a well oiled machine.

This small blog series is all about shouting out about just a small fraction of the talent that will be on display at Super Seconds, one maker that knows all about making theirs and others voices heard with her work is the fabulous Abi Stevens. So follow me as we find out more about her....

Abi Stevens illustrator, a smiling white woman with purple and pink hair peeking out from underneath a mint green beanie hat. She's wearing red, blue and yellow framed glasses and big mint green dangle hoop earrings, with a pastel rainbow coloured knitted cardigan and blue sky print top.

Abi Stevens is an illustrator and chronic warrior creating bold and colourful pins, prints, stickers and jewellery, much of which is designed to empower others living with chronic illness/disability.

A selection of art created by Abi Stevens. At the top middle of the image is a enamel pin that says fibromyalgia fighter in a bold geometric design of pinks and blues with the image of a knuck duster surrounded by flames in the centre. Displayed around the pin are lots of bright illustrations in  hot pinks and greens that include a pink sticker of leaping wolf with it's skeleton visible beneath the fur like an x-ray.

What is your earliest creative memory?

My earliest creative memory is lying on the floor with my little brother, drawing characters from our favourite cartoons on old-school computer paper with the hole-punched edges. :)

Two headed snake celestial earrings with a printed illustration by abi stevens printed on to clear acrylic and laser cut. The snakes have fine black line detail and are halp pink, half blue in colour with a moon symbol nestled in the middle of them.

What fires your imagination?

I love exploring historical art and architecture such as illuminated manuscripts and stained glass windows, and combining elements into my own modern designs.

A wooden laser cut pin in the shape of a burning building which has fuck capatalism written on the side in black. The house and flames are in bright orange. Scattered around this pin is a selection of Abi Stevens other work.

What Super Seconds deals should we look out for from you?

I have a whole bunch of seconds pins up for grabs, as well as 10% off on end of line prints, jewellery, pins and wall hangings, and a further 10% off via voucher for anyone signed up to my newsletter by Friday night! ;)

A metal soft enamel pin with a mint green heart in the middle that has the slogan keep hoing in it. Around the heart is a pinky red geometric zig zag edged design.

I've long been an admirer of Abi's bold, beautiful and kick ass work, it always gives me a lift whenever I see it and I defy anyone not to feel empowered by it! When sowing division seems to be the name of the game in certain quarters having people like Abi out there giving voice, to those often neglected, in such a bright and vibrant way lifts the spirits. So give your peepers a treat and pop on over to her shop to have a reccy before the big day - Super Seconds Festival!


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