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Sneak peek of a new goldfinch and cherry blossom statement necklace

Three laser cut wooden necklaces showing the illustration of a goldfinch perched on a branch with cherry blossom in bloom. The cherry blossom pieces stand proud and are a 3D relief element.

I had some rather exciting post this week, a brand new addition to my Birds of a Feather collection, this little goldfinch has landed on a rather beautiful blossom filled branch. The blossom itself stands proud of the branch which gives a lovely depth to them (check out the video below to see more detail). If you'd like to be the first to get your hands on one of these before anyone else you can sign up to my mailing list or pop me a message on that there e-mail

Like all of the items in my Birds of a Feather collections these necklaces are being sold in aid of the RSPB with £1 from each item being donated.

P.S - Are there any other birds you'd like to see added??

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