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Folksy Friday - Glorious Grain

This weeks 'Folksy Friday' is focusing on the wonderful world of woodworking, there are so many incredibly talented makers to be found on Folksy and this is definitely a very rich seam to explore. I've been trying to move more and more of the items in my own shop to a more sustainable wood source too or recyclable so people can feel happy that items that use nature as inspiration are not doing anything to harm it, seems only right!

So if you're a lover of a good bit of glorious grain you should definitely delve into the wilds of the Folksy search and try and discover the latest woody wonder to add to yours or a friends collection. Be it a lovely large piece of statement furniture, fabulous and functional kitchenware or inspiring sculpture there's something in this small selection I've put together to intrigue everyone. So without further ado here's the links to everything from my Folksy Friday picks.

Clockwise from top left:

Canada Goose by L J Bird Carving (Love the fluid shape and incredible detail)

Elm and resin serving board by Oldie Goody (I love a bit of turquoise and this looks stunning)

From a seed by Ferrum Fabrefactum (Fabulous carving of a beautiful subject)

Wooden Bangles by Furion Studios (Ingenious and stylish way to recycle!)


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