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Folksy Friday - Eggsquisite Makes

The pull of the pun was once again too strong when coming up with the title for this week's Folksy Friday! With the Easter season fast approaching I thought it appropriate to go on an early treasure hunt myself and find some lovely egg themed items and find I most certainly did. Here are the links for just a few of the eggy delights on offer at Folksy.

Bluebell Egg Cup by Hannah Berridge Studio ( Love the delicate bluebell design on this!)

Funny Easter Chick Card by Hearts and Hugs (I do enjoy a good dose of humour with my cards)

Harris Tweed Egg Cosies by Roses Workshop (With the temperature at the mo definitely feels like I could do with one of these myself! Great Colours too.)

Ukranian Easter Eggs Card by Konyskiw (The intricate patterns in this card are fantastic)

Pottery Easter Egg Decoration by Dottery Pottery (Love the elegant and bold simplicity of this design, although I imagine it was anything but simple to make!)

Marbled Ceramic Easter Egg Decoration by The Whimsical Marbler (Ooh look at those lovely marbled colours gorgeous!

If this hasn't enticed you to go on an early Easter hunt of your own at Folksy I don't know what will! There's lot's of great pieces big, small and for all wallet sizes so something for everyone and if you're in the need of some Easter treats for yourself or others why not check it out. I might or might not have a shop there myself *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* with a few Easter bits and bobs too.


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