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Birds of a feather stick together!!

I love me some feathered friends.... when all the stresses of everyday life (and let's be honest there's quite a lot of that around at the moment) get too much just popping out in to the garden and hearing the plethora of glorious birdsong on offer is a joyous thing. It was with this in mind that I created my Birds of a Feather collection.

Birds of a Feather Collection by Loadofolbobbins. A pair of laser cut wooden drop earrings in the shape of a pair of goldfinches in a perching position. On each earring is printed my original illustration which is in a simplified style in different shades of brown black with the wonderful bright red for the face and almost fluorescent yellow for the feathers of the wing. There is a wooden edge around each printed illustration to provide a border and help the image stand out.

Another great thing about this collection too is that it's all made from responsibly sourced birch plywood, the wood is removed at the rate of their growth which means that the woodlands, from which they originate will retain their supply and characters indefinitely, go team planet!

Even more excitingly after getting in contact and signing all the legal bits over the last few weeks I'm really pleased to say that every item in the collection is now being sold in aid of the RSPB, with £1 from each item sold making it's way over to help the very birds that have inspired it, seems only right don't you think!

Are there any other birds you'd like to see?

If you're a bird lover like myself who likes a fun statement earring or knows one and would like to see the collection in more detail you can check out my online shop.

Birds of a Feather collection by Loadofolbobbins. A laser cut wooden brooch in the shape of a blackbird with a printed illustration. It is in a simplified style black for the body and vibrant yellowy orange for the striking beak and eye markings of the blackbird. The legs and talons on the blackbird are a warm brown. There is a wooden edge around each printed illustration to provide a border and help the image stand out. £1 per sale donated to RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)

P.S - If you'd like to get first dibs on any new birds added to the collection or make requests yourselves sign up to my mailing list here.


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