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Winning Streak pt 1

Life like most things has a way of over taking the best of intentions, hence my very shameful lack of blogging of late. But what wonders I have to fill you all in on, that’s if you don’t already follow me on twitter, where you probably would have heard this all before! Well where to start.....I put my ‘Lost Voices’ project on hold for a short time to focus on scouting competitions and projects that could get my creative brain cells firing away and hopefully get my work out in to the wider world, the idea of which I always find mildly terrifying. I think that’s pretty much true of most artists to be honest, we are experts in the field of self-doubt and those of you who aren’t I am more than a little jealous. Much to my suprise my endeavours have paid off rather handsomely I started by taking part in the Creative Review and Tate’s Blast/Bless project being run in conjunction with the new Vorticists exhibition at Tate Britain, my piece was “blessed”. Next to catch my eye was QR-3D an exciting project being run as part of the Manchester Science Festival looking at whether QR codes can be made using textiles. My first piece unashamedly involves a bit of self promotion with code sending people to this very website. But to stay true to the ethos of my work the code is sewn as part of a hand sewn old postcard, complete with foxing, using a very British tool, tea. Not forgetting the postage Her Royal Maj makes an appearance in the corner (1st class of course!). My second piece was a bit more playful, a yellow duster with a QR code that sends people to the Good Housekeeping website, pinned in its frame like an old butterfly specimen. I’m happy to report that both pieces have been accepted in to the exhibition and will be on display from Sat 22 - Sun 30 October at the Cornerhouse.

There is still more great news to follow but I shall leave that for my next post otherwise I feel this entry may never end, always leave your audience wanting more......I hope! It feels great to have my work out there and to start to get feedback from others, always a scary prospect, but worth every nail biting moment! Do not fear my next entry will follow tout suite, I’m too excited to hold it in for long.

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