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Classic Literature Collection

Inspired by the wonderful characters and stories within classic literature I have re-created some of their iconic scenes in a series of wooden statement necklaces celebrating all things literary. The perfect gift for any book lover!


All the images are taken from my original textile art series, all created using free motion embroidery and covering novels like Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Moby Dick and more.

Printed and cut in the UK on sustainably sourced Walnut veneered MDF.

Click to see:-

Wives and Daughters Necklace by Loadofolbobbins

Wives and Daughters Necklace


North and South Necklace by Loadofolbobbins

North and South Necklace


Jane Eyre Necklace by Loadofolbobbins

Jane Eyre Necklace


Pride and Prejudice Necklace by Loadofolbobbins

Pride and Prejudice Necklace


Moby Dick Necklace by Loadofolbobbins

Moby Dick Necklace


Wuthering Heights Necklace. by Loadofolbobbins

Wuthering Heights Necklace


Classic Literature Shakespeare Twelfth Night Necklace by Loadofolbobbins

Twelfth Night Necklace


Alice in Wonderland Necklace by Loadofolbobbins

Alice in Wonderland Necklace


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